About Don's Photo Memories - Don Stark

Don Stark has had a busy life enjoying automobile racing, flying, business, tennis, family and photography.

When he was young, in Pensacola, Fla. and as he was growing up, he spent a lot of time in front of the camera being photographed by his dad Ray Stark.  He also remembers watching photos come to life in the developing pans in his dad's dark room.  Like his father, he sees the world in pictures.  

As he grew up, he got to use his dad's cameras and was given a Leica M3 as his first 35mm camera.  He used this beautiful piece of equipment to explore the world taking photos of car racing, landscapes and family.  He discovered that the 135mm telephoto that came with the Leica was perfect for taking candid photos of his children at play.

He moved into digital cameras because he was tasked with becoming the the staff photographer for Stark Team Real Estate.  In this endeavor he developed an ability to beautifully display the interiors and exteriors of homes.

Having acquired some very nice professional Canon photo equipment for real estate, Don naturally fell into photographing other subjects and found that he especially liked taking photos of people.  So, he spent a number of years studying and practicing all aspects of how to best bring out the personality of his subjects in their photos.

Don has the knowledge and experience to bring out your individuality whether it be a headshot or portrait.  You can trust Don to capture the real you.

If you are ready for Don to capture your essence in a photo, contact us at 949-395-1890 or click on the "Contact Don" button above to email us for an appointment.