Preparation for a Sitting - Don Stark

The client is responsible for their own hair, makeup and wardrobe for the sitting. Here are a few suggestions for you.

Hair: Choose a simple flattering hairstyle that you think fits the mood or image you are trying to project in this photo. This might change depending on what the image is being used for. Probably your normal hairstyle will do just fine. If you want to try shots with your hair down and then up, come with it down so we can take the photos of it that way first and then you can put it up or in a ponytail, etc.  Bring your own combs, brushes, barrettes, etc. as necessary.

Makeup: The amount of makeup applied is your choice, but most of the time, it is better to put on less than more and make it simple. Again, think of what the photo is going to be used for. You might want to bring along your makeup kit and a couple of shades of lipstick in case you need to make adjustments or changes.

Wardrobe: Again, keep it pretty simple. Wear solid colors. They don’t have to be dull, you can wear bright colors if they go with your skin and makeup. You might want to coordinate your outfit with the colors used on your card. We will not be including anything below the middle of the chest, so it does not matter what pants or skirts you wear.  You might want to bring a couple of tops to choose from. For business photos, the lady's tops should be modest. Try to stay away from low cut or skimpy tops. For the guys, you should have a collar whether it’s a polo shirt or dress shirt.

Do not wear a lot of jewelry. Simple jewelry is less distracting. We want the viewer to concentrate on you.

Try to be rested when you show up for your appointment.  You don't want me to capture the bags under your eyes from staying up too late or showing off that glazed look because you have a splitting headache from imbibing too much the evening before.  This photo is going to sell you to your clients so let's be the best we can be.